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Practical work
Shropshire has approximately 5,500Km (3400 miles) of Public Rights of Way. In general, it is the council’s responsibility to ensure that any obstruction to a Public Right of Way is removed.

Ramblers volunteers acting as Footpath Secretaries help police the network, checking reports of obstructions and viewing and commenting on Planning Applications that may affect Rights of Way. The Ramblers is a statutory consultee for planning applications
To find out more about the work of a footpath secretary click here
To volunteer as a footpath secretary click here
Report a problem with a PROW

Links to report problems in most areas that Oswestry walks in are given Please ensure that you select the correct link and give as much information as possible regarding the problem
Footpaths and Rights of Way
The council’s responsibilities include:
To report a problem with a Right of Way use the links on the right
Landowners' responsibilities include:
Who is liable if a path user is injured?.
Dogs on Public Rights of Way
Dogs are allowed on public rights of way, but they must be kept under close control at all times. Dogs don’t have to be on a lead, but a path user who allows a dog to wander off the right of way becomes a trespasser and owners and occupiers can to ask them to leave the land. If a dog is likely to wander off the line of the path, or to worry livestock, owners are advised to keep the dog on a lead. The fouling of a path by a dog may be an offence under a bylaw, and it is an offence to allow a dog to foul an urban highway with a speed of 30mph or less
Bulls in fields crossed by a Public Right of Way
See this article from the Farmers Weekly
Telford and Wrekin
The council is responsible for maintaining a Definitive Map of all Public Rights of Way and it on this that Ordinance Survey Mapping of Rights of Way are based. The council deals with all diversion orders and path closures.

Shropshire Council maintains an on-line version of the Definitive Map – LocalView which gives the up-to-date position on all Rights of Way as well as the path identifier number and category.
To access LocalView click here
Different Map types can be portrayed by selecting one of the buttons in the top right of the map (the Colour button displays the OS Map and is normally best for our purposes). To display Public Rights of Way, in the left hand panel click the map layers button – the Map Pin symbol and then select Rights of Way.
Use the Zoom and Pan tools in the top left of the map to display the area you are interested in. Definitive lines of paths are shown in purple overlaying the OS lines. These may not co-incide especially if a path has been diverted.
Click on a path to display specific details regarding that path