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Practical work
Big Path Watch
To be launched on July 13th and running for at least 3 months, this project, organised by the Ramblers, is intended to collect a large body of information on the state of Public Rights-of-Way in England and Wales. The project is not confined to just Ramblers’ members but is available to anyone who wishes to help ensure that the state of the national network does not deteriorate any further in these days of financial restraint. Those taking part in the project, are asked to register at http://www.ramblers.org.uk/get-involved/join-the-big-pathwatch.aspx, or even pre-register as the website is already partly up and running, for the project which will involve walking all the Rights-of-Way in one or more particular kilometre squares on the Ordnance Survey map, and reporting back one’s findings to the Ramblers so that the information can be collated.
There will be 2 basic ways to do this
• By going online and downloading a map of the square or squares you choose, guidance notes and so on, doing the survey using the map provided, and returning the information by going back online.
• By downloading an app. from the website, and choosing which available kilometre square or squares to visit and using a smartphone to record your survey and send the information back
Anyone who does not use a computer and the internet will need to enlist the help of a friend who does.
It seems that the whole country is not being done, some 30,000 kilometre squares have been randomly chosen out of some 150,000 and most of these squares need to be studied and reported on if the results are to produce a robust result. It will not matter if more than one
person chooses and sends in information on the same square, this will only make the results more valid. The results of the study will be forwarded to the relevant sections of Highway Authorities in County and Unitary Councils in the hope that it will influence the way that funding is apportioned to Rights-of-Way work. It will also provide the Ramblers with an overall standardised view of the country, and the state of the network.
Your committee will be look at how we can coordinate Oswestry’s contribution and this will be published via email and on our Web Site in the next few weeks. Please do think about taking part in this project, it is the biggest study that the Ramblers have attempted to do, and it needs to produce some robust and relevant results. If you can only do 1 square kilometre it will help, but there are prizes for doing a lot of squares, and for doing some particularly difficult squares
For more information or to register for the Big Path Watch click here